About Braw

What does Braw do?

Braw Media is a multimedia production company. We create across a range of mediums, from film to audio to live performance.

We tell stories you remember and create experiences you can’t forget!

Who is Braw?

Braw Media is helmed by Aaron Finan and Sophie Addison.

Sophie Addison

We started working together while Sophie studied at Flinders University on exchange in 2015 from Scotland. Since then, she has made Adelaide her home.

In addition to having worked together on major film productions in South Australia, we have combined experience in marketing, events, production and performance.

Aaron Finan

Tell me the history of Braw!

After winning Best Writing in the 48 Hour Film Project 2018 together for our short film My First Non-Magical Birthday, we decided to go into business together officially. In January 2020 Braw Media was born.

Since then, we have balanced creating corporate content and creative work. Braw’s primary creative outlet is the fringe show Lost in Translation.