Carclew in Schools | Carclew

What is Carclew?

For 50 years, Carclew has engaged with children and young people in all aspects of art and creative practice.

Through their programs, they have kick-started generations of art lovers and careers for countless emerging artists who have gone on to shine on the national and international stage.

Carclew provides vital education and career pathways for South Australia’s collective creative potential. 

What is Carclew in Schools?

Carclew in Schools engages professional artists – experts in ideation, making and reflection, who’s teaching makes a pathway for young people to envision what they can do and who they can be. They bring teachers together for professional learning experiences that make space for discovery and conversation, stimulate teaching practices, and build community. Their approach creates lifelong impact on individuals and South Australia’s collective creative potential.

Carclew in Schools is brought to schools through partnership with the Department for Education. It offers year-round menu of arts programs for Department for Education primary schools, young people, and teachers with a focus on Aboriginal arts, histories and cultures, teacher professional learning, and cross-curriculum application in South Australia.

How did Braw help?

In 2023, Carclew launched Carclew in Schools – including some existing programs and some new. This rebrand had a tight timeline for creating marketing material explaining the various assets of the program.

Braw came onboard and re-edited some existing videos to better reflect their current offerings as well as compile videos for new programs and an overall trailer which you can watch above.