Doctor Trek in Space | DamnitLeanne

Doctor Trek in Space

In 2018, Adelaide comedy troupe DamnitLeanne asked the question:

“What would happen if you tried to mashup Doctor Who, Star Trek and Lost in Space?”

Watch your favourite characters from Doctor Who, Lost in Space and Star Trek come together, somewhat reluctantly, to learn more about some of the greatest mysteries of time and space…

Who are DamnitLeanne?

Featuring a wide cast over the years they have been active, DamnitLeanne take the stage during Adelaide Fringe with their signature part-scripted part-improv format.

Before each show, they ask the audience probing questions in the queue. These answers are then written down on cards and filtered into different hats laid around staged and pulled out to fill in the gaps throughout the show. This often leads to complete derailment of the plot and a lot of laughs.

Where did BRAW come in?

In the lead up to Doctor Trek in Space, we filmed and edited a number of promotional sketches for the show which were released on Facebook and garnered over 10,000 views.

Starring: Josh Bonesy Rice, Amy Sincock & Aaron Finan

You can find DamnitLeanne on Facebook.